Capriezia consists of forested foothills, mountains, plains, and swamps. The northern border of Capriezia is defined by the

History of Capriezia

The first civilized settlers of this region were Dwarves, driven south out of Karajan by a series of bitter cold winters. Aboriginal Goblin Tribes were unable to effectively organize and resist the Dwarf expansion. The Goblins were pushed into the swampy Eastern Morass, where the Dwarven supply chains could no longer effectively provide for a fighting force. Thane Provaldr lead the original expedition. Early in the rule of Thane Gauti, humans from the Arlish Empire began settling in the western foothills. First contact was strained, groups of human settlers raided Dwarf compounds for wealth; however in AC 841, Arlish emissaries officially met with Thane Gauti and signed peace accords. The following decades were very successful for human and dwarf alike.

h3. Modern Capriezia

Modern Capriezia is held by an alliance of humans and dwarves. Most settlements are primarily human, although dwarves and halflings are not uncommon.


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